How to use this website

Check the spoiler below for a video introducing the navigation basics.  It will explain all you need to know and will make sure you don’t get lost as you travel your way around the website.

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 If you would like to see a particular help article, please leave a suggestion in the suggestion tab.  This website is a work in progress and I will likely continue to tinker with it over time until I am either satisfied or run out of things to tinker with.

While I generally prefer messages on Facebook, you can always send me a message here about whatever you want.  The only problem with this method is my inability to reply to you.  If you want any form of response, your best bet is to send me a message on Facebook.

To do that, if you are not sure, [click this link] and it will take you to Facebook.  The Link is set up so that I am already set up as a recipient, all you have to do is type your message.  You can also message me on twitter as well if that is your preference.

Otherwise, fill out this form below.

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