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G’Day Minecrafters and welcome to my website!  For those who aren’t familiar with me, I am an Australian Minecrafter who specializes in Redstone.  I have a channel devoted to playthroughs and one to redstone.  SteveOH’s Redstone is a website I devised to make it easier to share my content and to make it easier to look back through my content.

I don’t make any money from youtube thanks to my adsense being disabled back when I was starting out and now have to live with that fact.  I’ve created a few ads here that will probably never completely pay for this website, but time will tell.



I am an easy going, fun loving, happy go lucky guy with a big imagination.  I am from Adelaide Australia, but have also lived in Melbourne.  I moved to Tennessee, US in September 2013 to be closer to the woman of my dreams and things worked out.  I work full time so don’t get a lot of time to play, but I do my best!

I started playing Minecraft back in 2010, the free online version, and bought the game in early January 2011.  To me, Minecraft was very much like Lego and I was raised on lego so my love was instant.  I did not have a clue what redstone was all about and considered myself an ignorant to its uses.

That is, Until about April of 2011.

I had joined a server and quite quickly (within three weeks) became a moderator.  My interest in redstone actually happened by accident, I was observing a friend and fellow moderator, samfenton89, derping around with a bukkit plugin known as craftbook (nostalgia ftw) and became deeply curious.  I was a novice and knew nothing other than it was difficult to mine and had some electrical properties.

What I observed changed my world forever.  Literally.  I was in a position, outside of minecraft, where I was unsure where I would take my studies.  My passion for redstone blossomed into my (now) studies of electrical engineering.

It took me a long time before I finally built anything substantial; However, my understanding of redstone grew massively when I built my [Tic Tac Toe] game as I essentially built it from scratch and using the understanding of basic gates and logic.  Looking back I would have approached it very differently if I knew then what I now do, but despite its flaws it stands out as one of my favorite constructions and means a lot to me.

Today, my understanding isn’t perfect.  I am still learning and developing my understanding.  I made my channel because I know what it’s like to just start out and want to learn how to do things.  I try to give the basics because the big stuff is just repeated basics.


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