FTB Auto Emerald Farm | Direwolf20

Again, this is something you’d want to build when you have enough power to compensate for the spawner. Not an early game mechanism.

You may need to invert the first input (ender fluid pipe) when playing on a server as lag plays a part in there.

Automatic Ice Generator

As the title suggests, this generates ice.  I haven’t set up a location for where the ice ends up as I figured this wasn’t important and could be added by the user depending on where they wanted it to go.

Just in case anyone is silly enough, this will only work in snow biomes.

 Download     226     91.5 KB

Steve_OH’s LP | 009 | Witch Farm Completed!

In this episode I got quite a bit done and I lost a lot of footage to poor audio.  I managed to salvage it, but yeah.  Will do my best not to have that happen again.