Updates, Updates Everywhere!

First and foremost, my Dirt House Competition has drawn to a close.  The 8th of May saw a few last-minute entries and I will start the grueling task of looking over them soon.  I’ve also gone ahead and Hijacked my old Minecraft connection I had to Tumblr and made it into  another output for my posting.

I was also finally able to add Jetpack to my site, which allowed me to fix a few things (like my mobile friendly version of this site among other things) and to automatically post stuff from here to my facebook page, twitter, and afore-mentioned Tumblr account.

Thank you to all the amazing people who entered in my competition!  I hope I continue to get such awesome support for future competitions and I thank everyone who kept up with the entries as much as I did.

Anyway, if you have any questions about anything please write them below!



4 thoughts on “Updates, Updates Everywhere!

  1. Will the winner need to provide the DL link to their build? Or is it optional?

    If I win I can totally do that…though the map I did it on is a private server, so the loaders will get more than just dirt awesomeness – hehe.

    Please upload a video with the winner’s info and stuff!

    Thanks and good luck watching all of the content,

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