I beat Cancer + 1.6 not working for me!

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From Bug Report:

*It happens in both survival and Creative. I am using the new 1.1.1 launcher, but have also tried (with the same results) using other launchers that are compatible with 1.6

While playing, or even before I load a save or join a server the screen begins to flicker and the icon in the taskbar disappears and reappears constantly. This is often triggered when I try to do anything or interact with anything in the game.

I have played minecraft since the earliest beta and never had this issue, my drivers are up to date, and I even removed my minecraft files so that it would redownload and repair any possible issues, which it hasn’t. This problem surfaced from the early snapshots and has been bugging me since.

It’s not my video card, I run far more visually demanding games as well without issue. I’m not running any mods and have tried without a texture pack (I use the Faithful 32×32 pack). Attached is a crash report (F3+C)

As posted in /r/cancer, this is my story.

I posted earlier to /r/pics about my celebration, but now I have a few moments to gather my thoughts and wanted to share my story so I could encourage some of you who might have gone through similar things.

To give some background, my original diagnosis was in late 2010, I was, at the time, about 23-24 years of age and studying full time. Initially, I had discovered the cancer myself as a curious lump in the lower bed part of my neck line. I had insisted on having a biopsy even after my (EX) GP told me that the lump I discovered was probably nothing and not to worry about. I underwent some tests and they confirmed what I somehow already knew. It was cancer, Thyroid Cancer, and a well advanced version at that.

It was the biggest shock of my life and I dropped into a bit of a depressive state for a short time. I was about to begin my exam studies so it was probably the best time you could ever be diagnosed with cancer. It felt like it was hopeless and I would have a long futile struggle ahead of me.

Being a generally positive person I decided after about a week that I was going to beat this thing. After my time of self pity and woe I decided that I would never let it win and that it was my body, not it’s. I had my first surgery in later 2010 and radiotherapy started a couple of months later.

Skipping a lot of the tests and such in between, I struggled a lot with energy over the course of that first year. My original thyroxine dosage was 50 (now take 150-200, which shows you how far below my needs it was) and it was that low for a good chunk of my first six months. It later went up to 100 for the second half of the year, but I still struggled a lot.

I lost a lot of weight and I slept a lot. I didn’t have energy to go out with friends or study (even though I did) and was basically living like a zombie. Toward the latter part of 2011 I was told that a large cluster of cancer had grown back and that I would need more surgery.

I now have a very large scar which goes almost half way around my neck. It was a trying time as my levels again went through the floor and it made it hard for them to figure out my correct dosage. I waited another six to 8 months again for them to lift my dosage again to 150 (I take 150 for half the week and 200 the other half) and so it wasn’t quite right still, but much better.

You don’t realize what a little bit more thyroxine (or less in my case) does to you until you don’t have it. I had to stop taking thyroxine prior to some tests and radiotherapy toward the end of the year, where it was discovered that I had relapsed, and I ended up not taking it for 3 months. My thyroxine levels were through the floor and I was sleeping constantly. I had two dosages of radiotherapy and that was this february just gone.

I’ve cut out a lot of the details, but I didn’t want to write you a novel. I found out yesterday that all of my scans are clear and I can finally start getting my life back on track. I’ll still have annual checkups, but at this point it seems I have finally given cancer the well deserved flick out of my life!



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