Cookie Clicker


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Special thanks to the following for some tips and command help

After about 3 weeks of working on it, I finally finished my Cookie Clicker!  It’s a concept that has been done before by sethbling and others, but I wanted to try and make something closer to the original since one of my subscribers asked me to.  I think I delivered!

Screenshot 2014-11-27 02.04.14

ACHIEVEMENTS                               UNLOCKED BY

Wake and Bake                                 Get 1 Cookie

Assembly Line                                   Buy a perk

Sweet Tooth                                      Get 10,000 Cookies

Addict                                                Get to 1,000 Cookies per second

Cookies for Days                              Get 100,000 Cookies

Millionaire                                          Get 1 Million Cookies

Seasoned Pro                                   Get to 100,000 Cookies per second

Stone Faced                                     Get 1 Billion Cookies

Golden Brown                                   Get 1 Million Cookies per Second

Cookie God                                       Get all the above achievements and win the game


Download     2,916     1.2 MB


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