Sorry for the absence

Just wanted to again apologise for my absence, I am getting married in less than a month and as you can imagine life is pretty crazy!  I have a number of projects that I intend to work on when I get more time, but for the time being I am swamped.

Thank you all for your amazing support!

Here is a picture of me and my amazing Fiancé 

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Color Clock | Wireless color clock display

Possibly the first of these that’s been made, I did a quick search and didn’t turn up any others.

Sorry It’s been so long, I met a girl a while ago and decided to move closer to her. We got engaged and I am also working full time now. I’ll aim to make more content soon, but yeah.

Download        313.5 KB          92


I got engaged!


It may come as no surprise to you all that I haven’t exactly posted anything for the past few months, the reason is that I fell in love with an amazing woman and we are now engaged! She is everything … Continue reading


Nyan Cat | A Minecraft Animation using Command Blocks

I tried a lot of other avenues to make this work, spawners produces copious amounts of lag and I wanted it to be as ‘vanilla’ as possible.  The Hoppers were an attempt at making the other chunks remain loaded.

Check out the Download!

Download          537.4 KB          214


FTB Unleashed 006 | UU/Iridium Farm + Making a castle

the amount of UU I get now is absolutely staggering, I never have to worry about Iridium ever again!


FTB Unleashed 005 | Nuclear Power, Portals, & starting a UU farm

More about the UU farm will be in the next episode (already working on it).


Hangman | Figuring out how it works + Commands

Previous Video with download link

For a list of all of my command block tutorials, check out my Command Block section of my website.  I would list them here, but if you check my website after I have posted this there’s a chance that I’ll post more and would have to update this single post each time.

You’ll find links to some of my Basics tutorials as well as a few cool things you can do with command blocks.