Updates, Updates Everywhere!


First and foremost, my Dirt House Competition has drawn to a close.  The 8th of May saw a few last-minute entries and I will start the grueling task of looking over them soon.  I’ve also gone ahead and Hijacked my old Minecraft connection I had to Tumblr and made it into  another output for my posting.

I was also finally able to add Jetpack to my site, which allowed me to fix a few things (like my mobile friendly version of this site among other things) and to automatically post stuff from here to my facebook page, twitter, and afore-mentioned Tumblr account.

Thank you to all the amazing people who entered in my competition!  I hope I continue to get such awesome support for future competitions and I thank everyone who kept up with the entries as much as I did.

Anyway, if you have any questions about anything please write them below!



Competition Time! | Back to basics

CONTEST DETAILS You are required to build a dirt house, but with a little something extra. Secret doors, traps, explosives, it’s up to you. You can work with a group, but know that the prize is intended for one (I don’t have the money to finance multiple group members lol). I will likely run a showcase of the top few entrants as I unveil the winner.

DEADLINE 8th May 2013

REQUIREMENTS Most of the houses outer shell must be dirt If you are making a video response, try to keep it brief.  Must be vanilla, no tekkit (etc)

OPTIONAL Add a download link of your creation, this will allow me to feature it in a video should you win.

IMAGE* If you aren’t video savvy and want to submit an image, the images need to be uploaded to imgur.com as an album, this is the easiest site to view them. Submit them as an inboxed message to me.