Video Downloader


I decided to add a video downloader to my site.  It’s a simple thing and more than anything I was just playing around with plugins.

Click on the image to go to the downloader!  There is also a link under ‘downloads’ in the menu above.



Sorry for the absence

Just wanted to again apologise for my absence, I am getting married in less than a month and as you can imagine life is pretty crazy!  I have a number of projects that I intend to work on when I get more time, but for the time being I am swamped.

Thank you all for your amazing support!

Here is a picture of me and my amazing Fiancé 

Photo May 05, 6 07 32 PM


I got engaged!


It may come as no surprise to you all that I haven’t exactly posted anything for the past few months, the reason is that I fell in love with an amazing woman and we are now engaged! She is everything … Continue reading


1.6.2 | Animal Piano!

I finally got 1.6 working!  After a couple of months of tinkering it now works without bugging out!  This was my very first creation and I daresay that while silly it’s a concept I may play with in future to make some cool stuff.


I beat Cancer + 1.6 not working for me!

As posted in /r/cancer, this is my story.

I posted earlier to /r/pics about my celebration, but now I have a few moments to gather my thoughts and wanted to share my story so I could encourage some of you who might have gone through similar things.

Continue reading


Can’t run 1.6


I’m currently undergoing some silly problems because I can’t seem to run 1.6!  I’ve reinstalled the latest 64 bit java, reinstalled my video card update and a few other recommended actions, but am having no luck whatsoever.

Every time I try to run the game it flickers when I click my mouse!  It makes the game unplayable!  I can’t make new content if I am making stuff with old versions (which work perfectly by the way) so I’m stuck till I figure it out!


Website Update + Blank World Download

A quick update for my website.  I probably won’t change much for a while, but needed to make something to document some changes that had been made.

This is to replace my previous update for this website.

Blank world for Download < Part of another post