Smart Tree Farm Tutorial || Smaller & Faster

MINOR NOTE: The piston on top of the green line needs its block to be extended to start with.

So yesterday I posted my tree farm, today I’ve got a tutorial for it. Not only is it more compact, but it’s quicker!  The general idea is that the tree farm does not use any buttons, levers pressure plates (etc). All you need to do is place a sapling and the machine does the rest.

Showcase video for this

Download   165    290.8 KB


Dual Edge, Monostable Circuit | 1W Tileable

As I said, apologies if this is known already.  I was derping with redstone recently and came up with this.  It was originally intended for my foosball game, but I ended up not using it due to the glitchy nature of 18 stacked minecarts.

Very useful, tile-able and 1 wide, what more could you ask for?


Steve_OH’s LP | 008 | Rail Dupe Tutorial, Blaze Farms & a New Island

Since I did a lot in this episode and had to skip a lot of finer details, I thought I would add this.

Things accomplished:

  • Duper Tutorial
  • Blaze Farm
  • Made a rail network to Blaze Farm
  • Discovered new Island
  • Made rail connection to new Island

Invisible Buttons

An expansion on something shared by Xisumavoid.  His video didn’t use buttons anywhere and so I thought I should.  Not to take away from his, but to elaborate on it.


Completely Automatic Chicken Farm and Cooker | Failproof [1.5.1+]

My Previous version of the chicken farm/cooker

One of my subscribers requested a new farm so I built this one.  It’s a fixed* variation of the one featured by Xisumavoid (Originally made by Wool Tec MC) as it will Always cook the chickens.

Download     127     219.6 KB


2×2 Seamless, Hidden Trapdoor | COMPACT

5x5x5 Quadrants


Jukebox Decoder | Why jukeboxes just became a lot cooler