FTB Auto Emerald Farm | Direwolf20

Again, this is something you’d want to build when you have enough power to compensate for the spawner. Not an early game mechanism.

You may need to invert the first input (ender fluid pipe) when playing on a server as lag plays a part in there.


Rebuilding Redstone | 003 | Clone Displays

Playing around with a new display type, I think it has a lot of merit!  Tutorial included


Hangman | Figuring out how it works + Commands

Previous Video with download link

For a list of all of my command block tutorials, check out my Command Block section of my website.  I would list them here, but if you check my website after I have posted this there’s a chance that I’ll post more and would have to update this single post each time.

You’ll find links to some of my Basics tutorials as well as a few cool things you can do with command blocks.


Rebuilding Redstone | 002 | Wireless displays and Sidebars

So I had to go through a grueling process of rebuilding redstone for my Pirates of the Caribbean map and thought it might be a cool idea to make it into a series.

The original map took months of effort to create and, while functional, was too laggy to be used practically. The changes I make to it here will make it not only less laggy, but will enhance the already badass system.



Credit where it’s due, these are the amazing people who assisted in the aesthetics of this map:

Spoiler >Show


Perks and Ranks | Scoreboard | Command Block Tutorial

A concept for a perk/ranking system and how it would be done.

Sorry I haven’t made much lately guys, just finished exams and yeah been pretty busy since then too.

Download        240.5 KB        299


First Redstoneless 7 Segment Display | In Color!

Pretty confident this has not been done, if I am wrong let me know. The magic behind this is delved from a concept trazlander identified as the ability to spawn and destroy blocks. This requires precise timing, but I was able to, after a number of hours, get it to work as it currently does. Due to the nature of the filter, you can’t make it all appear at once, else it will break the blocks and there will be a gap in the display

Download        181        309.3 KB


Automatic Ice Generator

As the title suggests, this generates ice.  I haven’t set up a location for where the ice ends up as I figured this wasn’t important and could be added by the user depending on where they wanted it to go.

Just in case anyone is silly enough, this will only work in snow biomes.

 Download     146     91.5 KB