FTB DW20 | 001 | Dire wolves, solar panels, and the Nether

A new ftb series using the Direwolf20 Pack


Rebuilding Redstone | 003 | Clone Displays

Playing around with a new display type, I think it has a lot of merit!  Tutorial included


FTB Unleashed 006 | UU/Iridium Farm + Making a castle

the amount of UU I get now is absolutely staggering, I never have to worry about Iridium ever again!


FTB Unleashed 005 | Nuclear Power, Portals, & starting a UU farm

More about the UU farm will be in the next episode (already working on it).


FTB Unleashed 004 | Auto Book Farm + Smeltery

In this one I set up an automatic book creation system, it worked out pretty well!  I also destroyed that top structure and added a lot of new stuff!


Rebuilding Redstone | 002 | Wireless displays and Sidebars

So I had to go through a grueling process of rebuilding redstone for my Pirates of the Caribbean map and thought it might be a cool idea to make it into a series.

The original map took months of effort to create and, while functional, was too laggy to be used practically. The changes I make to it here will make it not only less laggy, but will enhance the already badass system.



Credit where it’s due, these are the amazing people who assisted in the aesthetics of this map:

Spoiler >Show


FTB Unleashed 002 | Applied Energistics and Tree Farm

In this episode I transferred all of my stuff into AE! It was a big step, but I am so happy I did!!