Battleship in Minecraft | Showcase

It took a long time, but it’s done!
Special thanks to Cubehamster for his Realms Server, Fennoman and Nicemark for playtesting, and Nik & Dico for being backups!


cubehamster          fennoman12            nicemarkmc


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Texture Pack – Only need this if you plan to host it on a server!


Cookie Clicker


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Showcase: Word Processor


Download    230    534.2 KB


HangMan | A Redstone Minigame

A redstone minigame I put together in 1.6

Click here to find out more about how it works

Download      587.2 KB       235

Download Update notes 24/08/2013

  • Decreased lag by limiting clock runtimes
  • very minor Bugfixing

Download Update notes 22/08/2013:

  • Made new characters go back to blank value
  • Fixed minor bugs

Showcase: FOOSBALL in Minecraft | A redstone Minigame

That’s right! FOOSBALL!  It took about a week to get this to work right, there was a lot of dodgy parts and yeah I finally got it to a level where it works so thought I would submit it.  I may, from time to time, change the file and fix any bugs I find depending on requests and what is found.

Download         274     635.2 KB


Showcase: Trivia Game | Input answers using keyboard

This here is the end product of what was a project I started a long time ago. Command blocks having made it much simpler, this is a work of art.

Download Link


Redstone Minigame | Creeper Drop

Download Link